Welcome to Pen and Kink

From the team and writers here, I thought I’d stick my head up over the parapet and say hello, and welcome to Pen and Kink!

Pen & Kink

We are a small collective of writers, in all forms of erotica, from literate kink to steamy sensual stories, and the whole gamut in between.  Over the next month, for the A-Z challenge, we’re going to introduce ourselves, our writing styles and more.

I’m Fayth, one of the writer’s here, and the lead promotional project leader.  I’m the Editor in Chief, and I’m the anthology editor for the team, plus I’m usually one of the ones writing the transgressive/BDSM stories.  The others will introduce themselves and I’ll give you a proper intro in the next few weeks too, but in the interim, HI!  We’re really looking forward to share our views and writings with you!

Author: Fayth

Fayth is the lead administrator/managing editor of this site. She writes BDSM and erotica based stories that examine relationships, trust and freedom. She also runs The Switch's Guide to Erotica, a blog that talks about the best of the erotica community. Fayth is an alterego.

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