X is for Xenophobia and other biasses #atozchallenge

x-is-for-xenophobeBiasses.  You gotta love them.  And it all comes down to one person deciding another person’s choices are distasteful to them, and that they need to be punished somehow for it.  And then it turns into people saying that something shouldn’t be, and you know, that’s the point where lives are destroyed.  And I’m not saying you’re not entitled to an opinion, but y’know, being nasty to someone for even their race is something that really needs to stop.  We’re all human, dammit, we need to get along!

The problem with bias, especially when it comes to sexual orientation, skin colour or choice of sexual proclivity, is that it takes what should be a loving and consenting issue between only those involved to something that can literally destroy families.  One of the worst slurs I hear is when someone decides, simply by looking at them, what they ‘are’.  I hate it when it happens in books, and I hate it even more when someone does it while I’m with them, online or in public.

The thing is, orientation, sexual preference, the size of a guys penis, or a girl’s breasts doesn’t make them a better or worse person, any more than changing our hair colour, talking about our love of One Direction (seriously though, if you like One Direction….) or anything else.  It’s not our choice of lifestyle that makes us ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  It’s who we are to others.  How we care for those around us.  How we treat those who are our charges.

So, instead of judging someone by their ‘cover’ or theirw blurb, sit down with them and grab a chapter of who they are.  Be a better person.

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