I is for Invasive – an Introduction of Darian Paige #AtoZChallenge

IAn unfortunate side-effect of being a composite recluse and introvert wishing to embark upon an artistic journey is that at some point you have to step out from the shadowed edges of the big room you’re haunting and announce yourself.  With luck and some clever social maneuvering you may find a segment of the room where the conversation is interesting, the company is simpatico with your own tastes, and hopefully judgments and stigma will be sharp enough to be witty as well as painful.  For myself, I believe I have found a good spot in the room to step out and be noticed here at Pen and Kink. Being the newest addition, invading a conversation already on-going, I feel I should take a deep breath and introduce myself in order to provide social lubrication and context before I continue to interrupt the discussion.

I is for the Invasive Darian Paige


Like a fair portion of individuals, eroticism has been a long secreted part of my life.  In my youth, unbeknownst to the authoritative figures charged with protecting my moral uprightness, I was able to follow my infantile fantasies, drawn first from racy sections in horror fiction, towards their logical outcome in the early progenitors of transgressive fiction. The early figureheads and architects of my sexual psyche, namely Georges Bataille and Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch, created in me an obsession not only for what was taboo, but a desire to see what lay just beyond. Questing for virtue in irreverence and annihilation.  And while it lead to a rather interesting sexual awakening and tumultuous development of desires weighed against self-preservation, it meant that my real-life explorations by default must be tempered with the creation of private fantasy worlds, separate from self.  A unique exploratory country to house what mind and heart have conceived, away from loved ones for whom humiliation or abhorrence could be the only outcome of their revelations.

For all of you who grace me with your attentions this may seem a poor introduction, though we are known by what we create regardless of our intentions, but you must realize what it is that I am introducing you to. For my life, with the exception of specific dear and terrifying individuals, this side of me is unknown and barely suspected. But here, it will be inverted, the hidden places supplanting everyday banality, the lure of self-destruction driven by terrible dedication, to press beyond boundaries you dare not speak of.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, my dreams but more often my nightmares, leading you on explorations into the secrets of human sexuality and leaving you questioning your sanity at times. For now I will leave you with this thought…

Come sit with me here in front of the mirror and lets explore everything that is wrong in our reflections.


Author: Darian Paige

Darian Paige puts pen to paper and creates dark fantasies exploring the secrets of human sexuality. Her erotica builds upon the lure of self-destruction driven by terrible dedication, to press beyond boundaries most dare not to speak of.

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  1. That last thought was quite an interesting one. I say interesting because the average and normal can be quite boring, and the exciting things are in the exceptions >:)

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  2. Glad to have you join us here, Darian. As a fellow confirmed recluse and introvert, I’ve found my necessary, balancing extroversion in the written word. It appears that, intentional or not, you have indeed done the same. I look forward to your future posts. Síochán leat.

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  3. I look forward to reading your stories, Darian.

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