Writer’s Block – Ways to Beat It #AtoZChallenge

W-is-forWriter’s block happens to everyone. From third graders and their book reports, journalists, college students and especially authors who are writing on deadlines. Erotica and romance writers have a particular corner in this little conundrum because their whole story is based on feelings, emotions and getting your readers to react to what you are writing.

Writer’s block is generally caused by conflicted feelings. What we are producing is held up to the highest of standards, ours. On top of this is the pressure of a deadline. Writers are artists and as artists many of us tend to be led by our emotions. Before you start throwing things at me, I am not generalizing because I know there are plenty who are extremely organized and who are able to compartmentalize the outside influencers and get down to the root of things, writing.

You are not only your biggest critic you are also your worst enemy.

Generally writer’s tend to employ weak strategies:

Over thinking things:

We try phrases and strategies over and over and repeat the process. Because we are already under stress and our short term memory is limited this ends up with a product full of repeated mistakes of poorly written phrases. Want to prevent this happening? Try to make a list! There are only so many times you can use taste, lick and thrust.. wait don’t use thrust please!


Sorry my friends this is not going to happen. One of the great tools of NaNoWriMo is it teaches you to write and not worry about editing! Write it out, write from the heart but don’t wait for inspiration… oh yes the next weak tool!

Waiting for Inspiration:

Hey, it can work sometimes but other times it can be like waiting for it to snow for a white Christmas in Arizona; a very slim chance in hell Arizona.

I have watched many friends get stuck because they are just not in the zone. We as erotica writers cannot just grab the closest hot body and get some inspriation out of the hot steamy flesh. Feeling sexy is going to happen when it happens and it is a challenge, especially for newbie authors. Those of us who write BDSM based pieces often come up with something we are ashamed of because it just does not ring true. Many times these are the ones that sell the best because these “scenes” are more palitable to the vanilla folks. But I digress. As is with subspace, writing zones need to be kept sacred.

Strong Strategies

Your space:

Make sure your space is calm, set with the items you need to keep the flow. Whether it is coffee, candy bowl with treats, sandwiches already made in the fridge, pizza on speed dial or Enigma playlist in the background. Keep it organized and clean so you can focus on your task.

Freewriting and Note Taking:

Carry a notebook to freewrite and jot down notes. Wake up and write down a scene, don’t worry about writing a chapter worry about getting something down. I have piles of notebooks as do many of the Pen and Kink writers (you should see Kai’s!). These are essential, you never know when you will re-read these and find the next book’s inspiration!


This is like freewriting but more goal orientated. I do this with my partner and friends. Taking twenty minutes to brainstorm a bunch of ideas, plots, characters and scenes is a great way to jump start things!

Write what you MEAN!

An instructor once told me if I get stuck on a word or a phrase write it out. You are not going to use it probably but it will more than likely lead to what you were looking for. Think of it is stimulation without drugs! Still cannot figure it out? Well write it out, make a note of it and remind yourself to check back later to fix it.

Most important? Give yourself a break. Take a bath, a walk, eat a piece of pie or watch your favorite sexy movie and be inspired! It won’t work if it is forced. Again, you are going to not only be your worst critic but your worst enemy.

What are some of the things you use to get over writer’s block?

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Author: Darian Paige

Darian Paige puts pen to paper and creates dark fantasies exploring the secrets of human sexuality. Her erotica builds upon the lure of self-destruction driven by terrible dedication, to press beyond boundaries most dare not to speak of.

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