V for Virginial and other (incorrect assumptions) #AtoZchallenge

v-is-for-buttonY’know what drives me absolutely bonkers about people getting into erotica is that in some books are just downright terrifying as to what they ‘represent’ as fact.  One of the absolute crackers are the ‘natural, virginial’ women that just happen to tame the slightly rogue dominant master who is jaded and tired of the scene, and suddenly finds his/her freedom nirvana ‘teaching’ a virgin.

Let me tell you something about most people’s first times, that I’m sure you’ll remember too….

My first time was a fumbling, painful, not orgasmic at all affair, even though I was with a much more experienced man, who offered to teach me.  Yes, it could be that I landed with a poor ‘teacher’, but I suspect it’s more like I just wasn’t equipped to deal with what was happening.  As I suspect most of us aren’t.  Teens shouldn’t be exposed to sex when young, IMO, though there is a completely different argument against when ‘too young’ ends.

So that was my first, painful experience.  Couple that with an infection and yeah, I loved that.
My second and third experiences were much the same.

Long after, I talked to others about it, and was told that my experience wasn’t unusual.

So why do we write scenes where the virgin has wonderful, mind-blowing, multi-orgasmic sex that just keeps getting better and better.


I guess the answer to that is that it’s just not sexy.  But y’know, I’d like to read sometime that something was fumbled and wrong and off and still sexy.  And I bet it’s out there, because I haven’t read a lot of erotica recently – and the stuff I read for my degree was all of the highly lauded stuff.

What do you think?  Am I being unfair?  Got any book recommendations for me?

Author: Fayth

Fayth is the lead administrator/managing editor of this site. She writes BDSM and erotica based stories that examine relationships, trust and freedom. She also runs The Switch's Guide to Erotica, a blog that talks about the best of the erotica community. Fayth is an alterego.

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