Unapologetically Unbridled an intro of Keira Michelle Telford #AtoZChallenge

Unapologetically Unbridled with Keira Michelle Telford

U-is-for-UnbridledI’m new here, and I’m very excited to be in a place where I can show off my naughty bits. In fact, I plan on flashing you frequently.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I’ll be showing you my vagina. (Some of you have already seen it anyway …). What it means is that I hope to write some erotic flash fiction for this site every now and again.

For those who aren’t familiar with my work, I mostly write lesbian romance (sometimes in a contemporary setting, sometimes dystopian). Although I have one series of books (dystopian science fiction – not even remotely erotica) that centers primarily on a heterosexual romance, my main passion is lesbian erotic romantic fiction. I write what turns me on, and thus tend to fall a little bit in love every time I create a new character. I’ve even gone so far as writing flash fiction to sate my cravings to have sex with some of my favorite fictional women.

Kneeling between her thighs, I can’t help but stare at her hungry, glistening flesh. She’s exactly as I’d imagined her to be—which shouldn’t be a surprise, but somehow it still is. Every inch of her—every beautiful crease and fold—is exquisite, and it takes every bit of willpower I have not to rush. Turning my head slightly, I close my eyes and kiss her inner thigh, trailing my lips over her soft, pale skin. I hear a little gasp from her as I pinch her sensitive skin between my teeth, biting her gently, then I feel her hands reaching for the back of my head. She wants more.

My work is graphic. Whether I’m writing a fistfight or a sex scene, I tell it like it is, in all its glory, and I don’t skirt around anything.

I cry out. Or I think I do. My mouth’s open, but I’m not sure I’m making any sound. She grips my hips and works the glass cock in me relentlessly, ramming against my cervix on every thrust, lacing the pleasure of a vigorous fuck with the periodic discomfort of being over-filled.

That’s how I roll, baby. But it’s not just about sex. I love building sensual romantic relationships between two women, and one of my favorite kinks is age-gap relationships—especially cross-generational ones. Some people aren’t so keen on this aspect of my work, but I love exploring the different dynamics this can add to a relationship. To date, the longest age gap I’ve written about is twenty-two years. In it, a thirty-six-year-old woman takes in a fourteen-year-old girl and falls madly in love with her. Her love is reciprocated, but their relationship remains perfectly chaste. It’s not until six years later, when the woman is forty-two and the girl twenty, that they develop a sexual relationship.

So how about you? What are some of your favorite kinks in romantic/erotic fiction?

Meet Keira Michelle Telford

keiraBorn and raised in Britain, Keira moved to British Columbia, Canada in 2006.  live on the west coast, in a townhouse that I share with my husband and a herd of guinea pigs.

I’m the award-winning author of a series of post-apocalyptic romance novels called SILVER, a lesbian romance trilogy called The Prisonworld Trilogy, and other lesbian erotic fiction.

The world might end, but love endures.


Author: Keira Michelle

Keira Michelle Telford is an award-winning author with a love for the gruesome, the macabre, and the downright filthy. She writes dystopian science fiction, erotic lesbian romance, and other lesbian fiction.

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