M for Molly Hammerman #AtoZChallenge

molly-MHi there! I’m Molly Hammerman, and I’ll be your host for today’s letter, M. I am a pen name that’s just getting her feet wet in this great big literary world. In fact, I’m going to have my very first erotic short story out in an anthology very soon! I’m rather excited about that.

My ‘real world’ person is also an author, but her work tends to be tamer than mine. I’m new, and still figuring out who I am, so to speak, and I am looking forward to exploring different themes and ideas. I’m not ‘in the lifestyle’, but I’m certainly interested in learning about it. I enjoy reading about BDSM, and having lightly practiced it, am fascinated by the control that one gives up or receives. I find pain fascinating, both in the giving and receiving of it. There’s a certain power, I think, and control when one accepts pain and makes it their own.

I adore romance, as well, and think that there’s plenty of romance to be found in books of kink. Aren’t well all just looking for that one person (or multiple people if you’re REALLY lucky) who just GETS what we like? Who’s willing to give it to us just the way we want it, and perhaps even push some boundaries to see how far they can take us? To me, that’s romance and I love to read and write a happy ending to my characters.

I have a fascination with fairy tales, both in their original form and in the retelling. It’s interesting how so many countries have similar folk tales and I love to read about regional tales of horror or local legends. I’m not a ghost hunter though…I’ll leave that to the professionals. I will not be staying in an abandoned hotel overnight just to see who’s going to kill me at midnight. I’ll write about it, yes, but partake? I like to do my experimenting in the pages of a book.

I’d like to leave off with this thought-is there something that you enjoy reading about (or watching others do) that you have no interest in doing yourself? For me, it’s the ghost hunting/graveyard crawl sort of thing. I enjoy ghost TOURS and hearing stories, but I don’t want to be the person actively doing the hunting.

Author: Molly Hammerman

Molly lives with her head in the clouds in Georgia. With an understanding husband who knows when to leave her be when she's in the 'zone'. She likes to explore the dark but sweet side of erotica. She loves to explore and try new things, both on paper and in the bedroom.

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  1. I am looking forward to your explorations in all things romance and erotic.

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    • Thank you, Nya! I’m nervous about where the journey will take me, but I have such wonderful role models to help hold my hand. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for introducing yourself, Molly! I’ve tried to think of something that I’ve read about but wouldn’t like to try myself. I think that would include hang gliding, bungee jumping, and mountain climbing. Pretty much everything else is fair game. Oh, and ghost hunting is definitely on my list of things I’d do in a heartbeat. As a hobby student of theoretical physics and quantum mechanics, I find the idea of parallel universes and other planes of reality more than fascinating, and I believe that everything we cannot explain could be explained through study of quantum physics. I look forward to reading some of your work.

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  3. I was going to say gardening….I like others watching other do it but hate doing it myself. It also depends on who’s gardening…

    More genre specific? Possibly mile high clubs. It can be made to sound quite erotic, but in reality, why would you?

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