K is for Kissing by Pavarti K Tyler #AtoZChallenge

There’s nothing like a good kiss is there?  The kind that makes your mind go blank and the world shrivel away until nothing exists but the lips of the person your with.  The kind of kiss that tells you what kind of lover they’ll be and what kind of night you’re about to have.  Sometimes those kisses are slow and sensuous.

He growled softly before bringing his lips down to mine. His kiss was warm and slow. He pulled away a millimeter, making me reach toward him to keep it from ending. He had one hand on my jaw as he kissed me again and again. I felt the fire inside of me burning, melting the ice that I kept between my heart and the world. Dizzy and overwhelmed, I slid my fingers through his hair as he sucked my lower lip into his mouth.

Sometimes they blow your socks right off.


He slammed his lips down on hers. Her hands were still balled up into fists as he held onto her waist and bent her backwards at an impossible angle with the force of his kiss. He was hot and tasted like the dark ale he’d been drinking. His smell was musky and thick and her hands unclenched before coming up to his shoulders.

He moaned into her mouth when she ran one hand into his hair, pulling on it hard, pulling his head back away from her, but she came with him on his retreat, pushing against him matching his ferocity, her teeth clamping down on his lower lip, pulling and sucking as she bit told him this was real.

Sometimes it’s about more then you realize.

As our lips touched the heat of his body wrapped around me, making my skin explode. His lips pressed harder against mine, moving with me as his hands tightened their hold, moving around my back to hold me close.

I’d been kissed before, but nothing had ever compared to the feeling of letting myself surrender like this. My arms wrapped up around his neck as I stood on my tiptoes, leaning into him, pressing my body and lips further against him. He opened him mouth and kissed my lower lip, making me shiver as I laced one hand through the hair at the base of his neck. I sighed, feeling light headed from the sweetness of him and I opened my mouth, taking his lip slightly into my mouth. His tongue graced along my lip and…

I love the moment when characters finally kiss, when they take that final plunge into their feelings for each other.  Sometimes, it’s more erotic than the first time they make love, or fuck.  I’ve had plenty of characters who fuck before they kiss, and when they finally let go into the intimacy of bringing their lips together, it’s a beautiful thing.  Even the most hardened of characters can melt when the person they love opens their mouth and invites them to taste their soul.

K-is-for-Kissing-buttonI don’t really remember my fist kiss, other than that it was quite… wet shall we say, and kind of regrettable   I do remember my last kiss though.  Not my last ever, just the last one that graced my lips. Last night when my husband came to bed, his hand is hurt and he was in a bad mood, so it began as an obligatory peck.  A goodnight dear.  But the feeling of our lips touching, the softness of our love dimmed out everything else and our existence became nothing more than that kiss.  Because beyond everything else, a good kiss can soothe your soul.

Author: Pavarti Tyler

Doc Martens strapped on over fishnets, but a girlish giggle as easily and likely as a throaty guffaw, Pavarti K Tyler is an award winning genre-bending author of multiple novels.

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    • Beautiful piece, Pavarti. I agree that there’s something about a kiss, the right kiss, that’s far more intimate than a fuck of any kind. When I got to the next to last paragraph, I couldn’t help but think of Julia Roberts’ hooker character in Pretty Woman when she tells Richard Gere’s character that she’ll do anything but kiss. It’s like that sharing of breath, the pneuma, is just too much for the heart that’s reluctant.

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