O is for ‘ovaries exploding’

O-is-for--buttonI thought, given Darian’s out sick today, and it was her turn and she was going to cover something else and I can’t do it cause I didn’t know what she was going to say and honestly, the orgasm post needs a bit of a run up, that I’d share some of my favorite images and let you have a bit of a geekgasm instead.

First up.  Click the images to find more, or the site they came from 🙂

Chris Hemsworth


From the same post….

And now that we’re onto the Pacific Rim lads…

More good stuff on the blog linked to this image….

like this for example….

Oh hai Sherlock. Fancy meeting you here….

What I wouldn’t do to be Irene Adler….

Or the whip….

Or his leg….

Although, being fair, that’s Morriarty…..
Afterwards I’d be all….

And he’d be….


So in short…get back to writing….we’ll share more of these again soon!


Who’s your crush? Got a favorite gif?  Let me know!


Author: River Harlequinn

River's a writer by night and a technical consultant by day. She loves nothing more than erotic paranormal romances and is definitely team Jacob! When not writing for people, she can be found pen testing and making dirty jokes with serious abandon. She also knits.

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