“Z” is for Zenith

I’ve wanted it for as long as I can remember. There was never a time when I didn’t, when it wasn’t in the back of my mind somewhere. And now the opportunity has presented itself, courtesy of Averitt. God and goddess help me, I do not deserve that man.

When the door closes, I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. The feel of the satin cord around my wrist is almost more than I can bear, its sensuous embrace a joy against my skin. Averitt whispers, “Be still, my girl,” and I stretch before finally relaxing into the position. His hand comes down sharp on my ass, a firm smack that has tears pooling in my eyes.

My breath hitches in my throat with the sharp pinch and twist of both of my rigid nipples, and I watch Enoch’s gorgeous but devious smile as he gauges my reaction. After two more twists and a hard, hard pull of both peaks, the bejeweled clamps bite into my stiff flesh and I let my deep intake of air out in a prolonged hiss. “Good girl, Zee. They’re beautiful.” He uses his index fingers and thumps the grips hanging down from the clamps, and I almost squeal with the deliciousness of the pain.

There’s movement around me, but the room is darkened, lit only by three or four scented candles, their aroma nowhere near as heady as that of the men. The space has that dark, earthy fragrance of frankincense and myrrh, ancient and warm and exotic. As I lie there on my side, I feel hands on my shoulders, their fingers trailing down my back until they dig into my hips. Averitt’s breath is warm in my ear as he moans, “My girl, do you know how long we’ve waited for this? For the right woman, the one we wanted, needed, desired? We ache for you, throb for you. Do you want to know how much? Are you ready, Zee? Really ready?”

I moan out loud as his hands wrap around me and find my sweet spot wet, ready, and waiting. I feel the head of his mighty cock pressing against my rosette. “Open for me, my flower. Open up.” Before the words die in the air, he pinches my clit – hard. I shriek and then groan as he opens my channel wide, the stretch and burn overwhelming me. At the second resistance, he pinches again and pushes himself home deep inside me. His hands travel back up from their current object of interest, wandering up my ribcage to find their place at the clamps, where he twists them to each side and I shriek with the delight of the agony.

Strong hands grip my hips from the front and I open my eyes to look into Enoch’s deep brown ones. “This is it, Zee. We’ve wanted it so much, waited for so long. It’s finally here. Are you ready, my morning star? Do you want this too?”

“Oh, god, yes! Oh, yes, yes, yes. Please, Enoch, please? Now, please?” I hear myself begging, pleading, in a way I never have before. I’ve often begged Averitt to fuck me harder, faster, deeper, longer, but this is different. There’s an element of uncertainty here that has me wondering if I can keep my sanity through this scene. Enoch’s lips meet mine as Averitt whispers in my ear again, “My girl, let him take you. It’s time.” Without releasing my mouth, Enoch drives his shaft into my soft, sweet haven.

Being theirs together is something I had wanted, but I never thought it would feel this way, the stretch so terrifying and tremendous that I fear I’ll burst, but they allow me a brief time to grow accustomed before they begin to trade strokes, and they work together as though they always have. I never thought to ask if they’d taken another woman this way, but something tells me that if they have, it was long, long ago and only a distant memory. My body responds to their ministrations, stretching, accommodating, drinking in their attentions. Enoch leans back away from my breasts and his fingers find my swollen nub, manipulating it to his desires, creating the tension I need, that I crave, and my body explodes in a shattering, fragmenting spasm, my mind unable to comprehend. Enoch slows, and the decline takes me somewhere else, away from the room and everything in it.

Z-is-for-ZenithIn my blessed confusion, just when I think it’s completed I hear Hayse moan, “Zee, are you ready for me? It’s time, angel, it’s time. Open your mouth, precious, and let us take you away.” His cock head presses against my lips and I instinctively open them.

In the next moment, he’s buried deep in my throat, and the three masculine bodies that are my nadir release me to fly. I feel the earth fall away as their bodies fill and use mine, and I rise above our movements, above the flickering candles and sweet fragrances, above the rooftops, their muscles and limbs transforming my perigee into my apogee with their commanding desires as my anchor point.

After all the waiting and all the years, I honor my name. I am Zenith, and I am the brightest star in their universe. I soar above my mundane existence, confident that their hearts will be there when I land.

Author: Deanndra Hall

I'm a working writer living in far western Kentucky with my partner of 30+ years and three crazy little dogs. When I'm not writing you can find me kayaking, hiking, working out at the gym, cooking healthy food, eating chocolate, and hanging out with family and friends.

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  1. Whew, beautifully written, that intersect of pain and pleasure. Love this.

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