Lock and Key (Erotic Flash Fiction)

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Marielle stands at the edge of the room, her heart rate elevated and her breathing heavy. She’s never been to a party like this before. Too shy to approach anyone, she lingers on the periphery of the ballroom, fidgeting with a silk ribbon tied around her right wrist, a small metal padlock fixed to it. Somewhere in this sea of people, a beautiful stranger with a key is waiting to claim her. Could it be the brunette over by the bar? The redhead reapplying her makeup in front of a full-length mirror at the head of the room? Or … she meets the gaze of a blonde on the other side of the dance floor and her breath catches in her throat. She’s gorgeous.


As if reading her mind, a smile twitches at the blonde’s lips and she cuts through the jostling throng of horny, half-drunk women, striding up to Marielle with a purpose. In black bootcut slacks and a white tank top, she’s elegant in a simple, unfussed way. No flounces or false airs. “First time?” she asks, her voice raised to be heard above the music.


Marielle nods, blushing, her inexperience apparent. She spies a silk ribbon identical to her own tied around the blonde’s right wrist, only hers has no padlock. Instead, a key. Before she knows what’s happening, the blonde’s hand is around her wrist, the key in the lock, and … pop!


Grinning broadly, the confident blonde leans close, her breath hot on Marielle’s neck. “I knew you were the one.” She takes Marielle by the hand and leads her to a table by the ballroom entrance, presenting the opened padlock to the event organizer in exchange for a keycard to one of the hotel’s most expensive suites.


Marielle’s cunt pulses expectantly as they ditch the ballroom and find an elevator, other people spilling in behind them. Tucked into a corner, the blonde sweeps her hands around Marielle’s waist and pulls her backwards into an embrace, eliciting a small gasp. A second later, Marielle stifles a whimper as she feels a hand work its way under her dress, reaching between her legs. Long, slender fingers explore her slick flesh, teasing her swollen clit, probing between her labia. Unable to keep herself upright, Marielle leans into the blonde’s shoulder, her breathing ragged. On the cusp of an orgasm, she begins to squirm, and then … the doors open and the hand slips away. Now, she whimpers. Pure disappointment.


Giddy with arousal, her panties drenched, she follows the blonde down the hallway to their room, ready to be fucked. Equally needy, the sex hungry stranger wastes no time resuming her ministrations. Once inside, she shoves Marielle against a wall and dives a hand back inside her underwear, penetrating her in one swift thrust. It’s exquisite. Clinging to the blonde’s neck, Marielle mewls and trembles, her cunt frigged furiously by two skilled fingers, plunging hard and deep until her climax erupts, her body convulsing around the digits hilted within her.


There’s no doubt about it. This was her first lock and key party, but it won’t be her last …


Written by Keira Michelle Telford

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Author: Keira Michelle

Keira Michelle Telford is an award-winning author with a love for the gruesome, the macabre, and the downright filthy. She writes dystopian science fiction, erotic lesbian romance, and other lesbian fiction.

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