Deanndra Hall

DeanndraDeanndra Hall is a working writer living in far western Kentucky with her partner of 30+ years and three crazy little dogs. She wrote for business, academia, non-profits, did graphic design, and worked as an assistant editor and columnist for a local publication, as well as working in visual arts in the area of fiber and textiles.

But her writing career took a pivotal turn when, while reading a popular erotic romance trilogy, her partner said, “This is boring. Honey, you write lots better than this!” She decided to try her hand at writing in the erotic romance and erotica genre and never looked back.

Along with writing, Deanndra enjoys hiking, kayaking, working out at her local gym, healthy cooking, reading (of course), and anything chocolate. She maintains a blog and a website, not to mention author pages all over the place.


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